The Tall Penguin Media Group was founded and developed to stand out amongst the crowd. Experience in the corporate environment and the development of a mature network of partners enables us to support and maintain flourishing relationships. Tall Penguin recognise the need for a personal approach when dealing our clients and how this is often undervalued elsewhere.

We embrace individuality and pride ourselves on delivering a unique range of services and solutions with the support of our innovative and progressive team. We work alongside our clients designing propositions that are underpinned by their needs whilst demonstrating a ‘zero-greed’ ethos – ensuring mutually beneficial partnerships.

The Tall Penguin group are interested in people. Everybody can teach us something from their own experiences. We listen, learn and find common ground as a foundation of building each and every relationship.

Life throws up many unexpected hurdles, many challenges provide new opportunity. Sometimes this is difficult to see yet we understand and we are there. We value our people, partners and clients and have a genuine interest in their own journey.

All employees receive ongoing support with wellness, mental health and aligned development plans which will achieve their personal and professional goals.